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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Crock of Gold by James Stephens (1912)

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                                  James Stephens
                                  1870 to 1950

 Between 1903 when George's Moore's Untilled Field was first published and 1914 when Dubliners was first published James Stephen's The Crock of Gold was published, 1912.   A few people still read, I do and admire them greatly, the stories of Moore.  Dubliners is the uncontested most influential short story collection of all time.  Stephens' novel, Crock of Gold is an odd combination of Irish folklore, philosophy and adventure.  Most would say it is a throwback to pre-modern Irish literature.  I suspect few out side of those totally into Irish literature still read this strange  book.  Parts of it were interesting, I enjoy stories involving leprechauns and their cousins and they do play heavily in this story.  All and all I am glad I read this work (maybe 180 pages) but I do not push it to others.  

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