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Monday, December 8, 2014

German Literature Four 2014 - Post Event Observations. - Ideas for 2015

It is with a heavy exhausted heart I must close the party.  My great thanks to all who participated.  

The Party is Over!

Most of the guests have departed, with a massive clean up job ahead.  The full costs including all guests expenses were under written by The Maharani of Ragapur, The Bousweau Trust and Prince Felix Yousoupov (spellings vary).  Ruffington Bousweau gave such devotion to the event that he collapsed after five days.  His niece, Ambrosia Bousweau took over as social director and a bachanalian frenzy of Weimer decadence began as authors from The Reading Life began to arrive along with denizens of the Viennese demi-monde as well as a small contingent from the water world of Tokyo and a few school chums of Ambrosia from Paris as well as Shanghai.  

One last drink until next year

The event took place in 1932 for various reasons.  In the works I read for the event I saw disturbing undercurrents that were to begin to take over Germania.  Just out side the oppulent world of The Grand Hotel scenes of great sadness play out.  In just a few years the world so loved that was Old Vienna will be gone.  

Ambrosia Bousweau is now an Advisory Director of The Reading Life

Lizzy and Carolina depart

Hans Keilson - They Come No Wiser

Next Year

I hope so much to be able to participate in German Literature V in November 2015.  The party venue will be in Bavaria in 1882, hosted by King Ludwig.  Of course members of the Bousweau family will be in attendance and I hope you will be also.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your collage very much !

This is the first year that I have participated in the German Literature Month and it was a quite rewarding adventure.