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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

GL IV Post Event Observation - Day Three Update- Many new guests - Musical Interludes - Film Festival- Freud Lecture

The Post Event Week Long Observation for German Literature Month, held at the Grand Budapest Hotel from December 1 to December 7, 2014 (virtual year is 1932) is well underway.  The three floors of rooms booked to the account of Prince Felix Youssoupov are nearly full but accommodations will be found for all.  As of now the forth floor booked by a beloved friend of Ruffington Bousweau, descended from a three thousand year old royal family from North East India (and Patron of The Reading Life) stands empty pending the arrival of her entourage so perhaps you may be lucky enough to be on her floor.  The Maharani of Raghurg's grandfather had rooms down the hall from Ruffy's grand Uncle Mortier at Cambridge and the families are very close. 

Collete, with the help of Jean Rhys, having heard of the seeming shortage of women at the event, has agreed to run the registration desk. Please sign in upon arrival.  They will have your room data and event vouchers.

Collete plans to win The Venus in Furs Costume Party Contest but Jean says don't count her out yet.

Musical Events

Germania and the grand Austro Hungarian Empire are blessed with some of the world's greatest musicians and dramatists and our entertainment director, Gregor von Rezzori (and yes Ladies he is currently single) has booked an incredible lineup of events.  You sadly missed the afternoon performance of The Magic Flute by the Vienna Opera Company on Day 1 but this afternoon parts of Wagner's  Des Rheingold will be preformed.

 Herr Goethe has arrived accompanied by Lizzy of Lizzy's Literary Life and he will be speaking briefly prior to the performance below at 200 PM on December 5.

Sigmund Freud will be lecturing on "The Uncanny", based in part on Hoffman's The Sandman at 900 AM on day six and will make himself available for a few private sessions for event guests. 

Freud Lecture

Film Festival 

Their will also be a film festival, hosted by Christopher Isherwood focusing on, but not limited to, the films of the Weimer Republic.  A significant controversary has arisen over the proposed showing of Leni Riefenstahl's master work Triumph of the Will.  A number of guests have indicated they may leave the event if it is shown but on the other hand a solicitor representing a small elderly contingent arriving today  from Buenos Aires is insisting that art transcends politics, details coming. 

New Guests Arriving.

Word is spreading throughout The Reading Life World of the event.  Junichiro Tanizaki, famous for his tales of erotic obsession as dark as any European work, has arrived along with the central character in his great short story, "The Tattoo", who is a likely favorite to win the Venus in Furs Costume Party Contest.  Oscar Wilde is here also and will be a contest judge along with Jonathan and Katherine Mansfield.    

News Flash

Sissi arriving for one day only 

"looking forward to seeing Cousin Felix and meeting everyone."  

I have just received word that Prince Youssoupov has booked two more floors for the event so I confident all can be accommodated.  


As mentioned Herr Goethe and Dr. Freud have arrived.  The arrival of Rilke caused a rush of excitement when he began to distribute a special inscribed GL IV edition of Sonnets of Orpheus dedicated to Caroline and Lizzy.

Robert Walser arrived, walking in from Thun.  His arrival went unnoticed.  

More craziness to come.

You are expected!  

Please RSVP if possible, bring guests, if possible wear period or formal attire.

Tommorow we will let you know about some of the numerous field trips the concierge can arrange.

Mel u


Caroline said...

I love your posts.
They are amazing. A who is who of German culture with some other's thrown in for good measure. Can't wait for the next one.

Lisbeth said...

Great posts. I will be there to meet Jean Rhys, since I have recently discovered her books. Have a lot to discuss with her. There seem to be a lot of other interesting people to mingle with!

Great idea.