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Friday, December 5, 2014

Gl IV Post Event Observation. Special Update. Ambrosia Bousweau arrives. Many candid Photographs

Special Gazette 

With the arrival of Ambrosia Bousweau twenty four hours of pure Weimer decadence begins.

With the arrival Ambrosia  Bousweau the party truly begins.  Ambrosia is the daughter of Sheridan Bousweau, youngest brother, of six siblings, of Ruffy. Her mother was the daughter of a  maid in the service of the Maharaja of Ragnor.  Ambrosia lives in Shanghai with her father part  of the year, where he maintains the family connections to the Tongs but she maintains flats in Berlin, Paris, and Vienna. She received an emergency cable from Princess Gueramantes saying the event needed her special connections in the demi-monde world of Vienna and the art and cabaret scene in Weimer Berlin  to "liven up".  Armed with a letter of credit from the Shanghai Branch of the House  Rothschild she has spared no expense in effort to help dear uncle Ruffy.

Ambrosia informs the concierge the party needs more women, she makes a few calls and soon the cream of the Viennese demi-monde begins to arrive.

Of course we must have better music.

Of course some boarding school chums are invited.

Endorsed by Dr. Freud 

Grand Aunt Euphemia Bousweau Rosewater

Two Weimer Starlets, Bertha Belller and Sophia Goodnight.

Madame Carolins.  Long time  Business associate of the Bousweau family.

A few party scenes

Three blocks from the hotel all is not quite so lovely.

Ambrosia (in 1946 she will receive decorations from the allies for her work in getting downed fliers to England) loves Weimer Art and has set up a large exhibit in the lobby.

"Am I do late for the Venus in Furs Costume Party, Stefan told me to enter?"

The Percival Lounge will host a cabaret tonight.

"I could sleep for a thousand years" - Ludwig von  Rosewater

Third Class Ladies Lounge 

Some late arrivals from Shanghai arriving via the Shanghai Express

Former elementary schoolmate  of Ambrosia 

Possible concubine of Blaine Farrell

"so you see a vision of a new Germania?, am I in it?"

"ok, when does the Opium take effect?"

"what happens at the Grand Budapest Hotel stays there, assuming I am tipped, of course".

Venus in Furs Costume Party Tommorow 1000pm - Goethe Room

"Herr von  ü personally promised I will win"


Lizzy Siddal said...

Willkommen, bienvenu, welcome! Fremde, étranger, Stranger .... I'm told Sally Bowles will arrive soon on the arms of Christopher Isherwood .....

Caroline said...

I love your choice of photos and paintings.