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Thursday, December 4, 2014

GL IV Post Event Observation Day Four Updates. - More Guests Arrive-Field Trip Options. A Visit from the Massad

The German Literature IV Seven Day Post Event Observation is at the mid-point with many more guests arriving as word of the observation spreads through the reading life world.  Early this morning our first American guests arrived, all from the American South, accompanied by Elizabeth Bowen. Our guests are Flannery O'Connor, Carson McCullers, and Eudora Welty.  Our concierge rushs over, "it is a great honour to the Grand Budapest Hotel to welcome three such refined and elegant ladies. And  Will you ladies be needing extra rooms for your slaves?"  After being assured by Ms. Bowen, an old friend of Ruffy's, that they no longer kept slaves, our beloved concierge consults with Prince Youssoupov, he  says, in French to the lobby boy, not knowing Ms Welty speaks a trifle, "put these hill Billy girls in the servants quarters, they won't know any better".  Carson immediately heads for the bar where she is chatted up by Joseph Roth.

Many guests have requested information on possible day tours, of course the concierge can assist.

Here are a few possibilities.

Danube Cruise

A beautiful four hour option, very romantic as a night cruise.  

Hungrian Gourmet Tour

Ruffy says it may not be up to Paris standards but I will certainly be on this tour.  

Godollo Castle

Home of generations of Hungarian Royalty.  

Longer trips to Salzburg and Praque are possible and highly recommended.

Our visitors from Argentina arrive and are met by agents of the Mossad and are escorted to the third level basement. They are never seen again.

Weimer Art Exhibit

More Guests Arriving    

Rabindranath Tagore, accompanied by a friend from Ulm, Germany has graced us with his presence. 

Be sure to try a few of the goodies from Mendel's.

Carson McCullers has decided to enter the Venus in Furs Costume Party Contest, Colette was observed whispering something snide to Ruffy.   Some say the fix is on the contest with the young lady who accompanied Juniciro Tanazaki (from his very powerful short story, "The Tattoo") a sure winner.  

Three more days until she sings 

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