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Sunday, December 7, 2014

GL IV Post Event Observation. Day Seven. Last minute guests. Venus in Furs Contest.

Lizzy of Lizzy's Literary Life, right front, and Caroline of Beauty is a Sleeping Cat far left background

Yesterday with the unexpected  arrival of Ambrosia Bousweau twenty four hours of pure Weimer decadence began.  The hotel is quiet this morning as many guests are sleeping in.  

Ambrosia Bousweau 

Extreme News Alert.

The Maharani of Ragnapur has at last arrived.  Her family and the Bousewau family have been close since 1642 when one of her ancestors met Tarkington Bousweau at Cambridge.  She is the director of the Ruffingtin Bousweau Library and longtime patron of The Reading Life.  Her requests have absolute priority over all others, even Prince Yusupov.  

With her are the two great writers of the subcontinent, R. K. Narayan from Malguidi and Hassan Manto from Bangladesh.

Suggestions from Our Concierge 

For Anglophone visitors here is your best guide to Berlin, see Mendel for an autographed copy.

Leave your passports in the hotel safe

Seances can be arranged, mediums on staff

Weddings preformed

Movies to see in your Suite -featuring all of the films of Gregor von Rezzori

Now playing in the Perciful Lounge and at the contest

The contest is over!   Tempers flared, whips were cracks, blood shed but it was all among friends.  Or was it?

The contest master of ceremonies was Gregor von Rezzori, with his close friend, L, blogger extraordinaire.  

The judges were Oscar Wilde, Theodore Boussweau, Sally Bowles, Jonathan, and myself.

The event registration desk was a job for Novalis

"I need to see your passport, please.  And as an extra precaution you must be checking you for concealed weapons"

Some entrants came in teams

"Bad Book bloggers need chastisement"

"Herr General, I am in command tonight"

"Is that Ermine?"

Drinks served throughout the event

"Stefan sent me"


Sorry Dear, the judges only gave you a six out of ten"

Very expensive professional talent

Hotel Staff are permitted to enter 

The Winner

From Junichiro Tanazaki's "The Tattoo" the clear winner

There will be one more final event report tommorow.  

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