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Saturday, December 6, 2014

GL IV Post Event Observation Day Six. Updates, announcements, new guests -

A look inside a modest suite 

 "Be sure to tell Ruffy that I have arrived". - Elizabeth Yusupov, late of Saint Petersburg, 


"Triumph of the Will" is no longer on the movie list.  The event management agreed to this to avoid the background check that the Mossad insisted they would complete on all guests if it was shown.

Metropolis will be substituted.

New Lecture Event. - Susan Sontag will speak on "Camp in German Art" TBA

A Walk in the Woods can be a delight, I mean what ever happened to anyone in a German Forest? 

Security Director for The European Division of the Bousweau Family - 

Merilda Bousweau - daughter  of General Gestiso Bousweau of Paraquay.

Major Musical Update

From now on only the music of Richard Wagnar can be played at the event.

Theodore R. Bousweau - "the statue of limitations should have run out by now ".

Members of multiple intelligence services watch comings and goings at the hotel

Zurich Dandy's Association arrived at hotel last night.

Ivan Turgenav has booked a luxury train Paris to Budapest for interested parties

The event is now open to all author's featured on my blog since inception.  Numerous are arriving from Paris today.  Among them are George Sand,Guy  de  Maupassant, Ford Madox Ford, Hart Crane, Flaubert, C. K. Scott Moncireff , F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry James, Emile Zola, and Honore de Balzac.

More updates to come including copious details on the Venus in Furs Contest

Gabriella Rosewater has entered.

Mel von ü

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Caroline said...

I've never watched Metropolis. Maybe I should. It's one of my favourite movie posters.
Another great post.