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Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Reading Life Review - October 2020

 October Authors

Column One

  1. Ian Urbina - USA - author - Outlaw Oceans -first feature 
  2. Denton Remoto - Phillippines - Award winning author of Riverrun - first feature
  3. Kavita Jindal - India - UK- Multi - First Appearance - Kavita A. Jindal is a prize-winning fiction writer, as well as a poet, essayist and reviewer. She is the author of Manual For A Decent LifePatina and Raincheck Renewed. Her work has appeared in literary journals, anthologies and newspapers around the world and been broadcast on BBC Radio, Zee TV and European radio stations. She is the co-founder of The Whole Kahani collective of British-Asian writers. I intend to feature her numerous times 

Column 2

  1. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay - India - first appearance - highly regarded Bengali author
  2. Ethel Rohan - Ireland - USA - I have been featuring her work for over Seven years and soon shall post on her new Short Story Collection 
  3. Katherine Mansfield - New Zealand to UK

Column 3

  1. Elizabeth Taylor - UK - an exquisite artist.  I am doing a read through of her oeuvre 
  2. Victor Lasalle - USA - The Ballad of Black Tom - first appearance- horror writer - I have added three more of his novels to my wish list
  3. Andrew O’Shaughnessy - USA - distinguished historian of the American Revolution - first appearance 

Column 4

  1. Florence M. Jumonville - USA - first appearance - Florence M. Jumonville, a native New Orleanian, is the archivist at Touro Infirmary. There and in previous positions at The Historic New Orleans Collection and the University of New Orleans Library, she has worked with Louisiana materials and special collections for over forty-five years and has written extensively on Louisiana history
  2. Pekka Hanalainen - Finland - UK -First Appearance- author The Comanche Empire - Bancroft Prize Winner 
  3. Neera Kashyap-  India - featured three times - award winning multi-genre writer- 

Home Countries of October Authors 

  1. USA - 4
  2. India- 3
  3. Ireland- 1
  4. Philippines - 1
  5. New Zealand - 1
  6. Finland - 1
  7. UK - 1

Six male authors were featured as well as six women.

Two are  deceased.

Eight were featured for The first time.  I hope to return to their work.

I posted on four works of narrative non-fiction, five Short Stories and three novels

Review Policy

I have no rigid rules. I look at anything am sent.  

Future Plans

In November following a ten year tradition, I Will Focus on German Literature.

Much of my near term Reading hopes can be seen in the images in my sidebar

I Will join in with Buried in Print for Margaret Atwood Month

Blog Stats 

To date The Reading Life has received 6,144,996 page views.

In October the top home countries of visitors were 

  1. USA
  2. France - first time so high on list
  3. Philippines 
  4. India
  5. Germany
  6. UK
  7. Canada
  8. Taiwan - first time on list
  9. Brazil - also first time 

Of the ten most viewed posts, eight were about short stories in translation 

There are currently 3816 active posts online.

I offer my thanks to Max u for his kind provision of Amazon Gift Cards 

A super typhoon has our home in its sights.  

To my fellow book bloggers, The greatest readers in The World, keep posting.  Your voice is needed in these dark times. 


Buried In Print said...

It's just wonderful that so many of your top page-views are for short stories in translation. You are obviously a top source for discussing and sharing those works and doing a great service for the shortstory in general. I hope you enjoy your November reading as much as you've enjoyed your October "discoveries".

Mel u said...

Yet another Month passes