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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A story by Bob created at the Anjali House Writing Project

Sue Guiney's Introductory Post  - contains important links 

Today I am presenting the first of the literary works created during the Anjali House Writing Project directed by Sue Guiney.  All of the writers are in the early stages of learning English.  Bob (for privacy reasons, all the authors are using pen names) is twelve.  I think "Nike and the Elephant" is a very moving, deeply felt story I am proud to publish on The Reading Life.   Be sure and also read the author supplied biography. 

"Nike and the Baby Elephant"  by Bob

   John lives in Mexico. He has one dog. His dog’s name
is Nike. One day John travelled to Africa with his dog.
At night John slept in the tent, and his dog was sleeping
outside. Near John’s tent, Nike saw an elephant baby. He
was crying because he lost his mom. Nike helped the baby
elephant to find his mom. Now Nike and the baby elephant
started to go into the forest. On the road Nike and the baby
elephant saw a lot of things. There was a big tree, a tiger,
a lion, a snake that Nike never saw before. Then they went
to the waterfall and they found a big elephant. He was so
happy because the big elephant was the mother of the
baby elephant. Nike came back and lived with John happily
ever after.

Bob, age 12  

When I was 11 I did a lot of things with my grandmother like growing eggplant, banana, mango and a cucumber. My grandmother died in December 2011. My family felt very sad. My father never forgot about some things he did with my grandmother and until now my family couldn’t forget things that we did with grandmother.

Mel u

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