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Sunday, March 25, 2018

“The Green Sock is Good”. - A Short Story by Riham Adly - 2017

You can read “The Green Sock is Good” here

Riham Adlay on The Reading Life - Includes Links to More of her Stories

“The Green Sock is Good” is the third delightful story by Riham Adly upon which I have had the pleasure of posting upon.  The darkly comic tone of “The Green Sock is Good” let us see the versitile talent of Adly  

Here is how the narrator’s day starts:

“How can you possibly go to work wearing these?”
I looked down at my feet and smiled.
“What’s wrong with them?” I pretended not to notice.
“You’re wearing mismatched socks and one of them is green for Heaven’s sake! That’s bad luck,” Bob, my all-knowing husband, hollered, before pointing his index finger at my feet. Must admit though, the look on his face was priceless.
“I don’t have to be a neat-freak like you, and besides they’re both clean. No holes in the soles, and contrary to your belief, green brings good luck.”
His frown deepened as I started laughing. I wasn’t making any sense believing mismatched socks brought good luck, but they did—this pair at least.”

Our narrator is on the way to give an important presentation, if it goes well it make bring her a promotion at work.  Rushing out of the apartment house where they lives, she forgets her car keys and, in a rush, takes a cab.  The driver has been drinking and looks like a zombie.  When she steps out of the cab, she is slighly hit by a passing car but luckily her laptop is not damaged.  When she gets to her office for the presentation, the guard tells her she looks like she needs to go to the hospital.  She says she has a big presentation this morning, the guard says “What do you mean this is Sunday, no one is here.”

When she tells her next cab driver her address he tells her that the building at that address burnt down just a bit ago.  I will leave the rest of the plot untold, I loved finding out what happened to missing green sock and I bet most readers  will.

I look Forward to following the work of Riham Adlay for a long time.

Riham Adly is a creative writing instructor and an emerging writer from Egypt with several short stories published in online lit magazines such as Page and Spine literary magazine, the 10 minutes novelist magazine, The Alexandrian, Paragraph Planet, Visual Verse and the HFC journal of arts and literature. Her short story “The Darker Side of the Moon” won the MAKAN  AWARD in Egypt. She’s not someone who lets rejections discourage her; the more the merrier. Riham currently hosts her own book club “Rose’s Cairo book club” in the American University in Cairo, Egypt to provide refuge for those few–but existing–bibliophiles.

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