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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Reading Life Review - September 2019

September Authors 

Column One 

  1. Ethel Rohan - Ireland to USA - highly regarded multi-genre writer, featured many times on The Reading Life
  2. Andrew Berkin - UK- author definitive work, J. M. Barrie and the Lost Boys, screen writer, director and occasional actor
  3. Janet H Swinney - UK -rrcently published a marvelous debut collection of short stories, The Map of Bihar and other stories. I will hopefully follow her work for a long time.

Column Two

  1. Eleanor Fitzsimons - Ireland - author Wilde's Women and the soon forthcoming The Life and Loves of E. Nesbit. Two wonderful literary histories
  2. Elizabeth MacDonald - Ireland - Author The Art of Interpretation and A House of Cards, a collection of short stories, I hope to continue following her for long time
  3. Jane Austen - UK
  4. Elissa Bemporad - USA - author Becoming Soviet Jews: A Jewish History of Minsk

Column Three

  1. Kerri Turner - Australia - author of The Last of the Romanov Dancers
  2. Ron Cheron - USA -Pulitzer Prize winning biographer 
  3. Lewis Carroll - UK - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Home Countries of Authors

  1. UK - 4
  2. Ireland - 3
  3. USA - 2
  4. Australia - 1

I posted on works by three men and seven women.  Eight are still living.  Five were featured for the first time.  Only two are deceased.

Books I read but did not post upon.

  1. The Roman Empire and The Silk Route by Raoul McLaughlin-
  2. Bolivar: The South American Liberator by Robert Harvey, I suggest you just read the Wikipedia Article
  3. Night Boat to Tangier by Kevin Barry.  For strong fans only
  4. Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrante
  5. The House at Ujazdawskilb 16 - Jewish Families in Warsaw After the Holocaust by Karen Auerbach. Very worth reading for those interested in the subject matter
  6. Trieste by Dasa Drndic - a novel about Italy during the Holocaust, a very good book I'm sorry I did not post upon.

Blog Stats

Of the ten most viewed posts in September, eight were on short stories written in the Philippines before World War Two, one from India and one from Indonesia.  This is a long standing trend.

The top home countries for visitors were the USA, India, the Philippines, Canada, Russia, UK, France, Indonesia, and Germany.

There are currently 3618 posts online.

There have been 5,809,252 page views since inception.

Future Plans and Hopes 

I'm almost finished Hard Times by Charles Dickens.  I have just begun Madame Bovary in the Lydia Davis translation.

I have a lot of short stories I hope to read.

I will continue reading along with Buried in Print ( in the short stories of Mavis Gallant.

I am working my way through Ron Chernow's biography of George Washington.

In November I anticipate focusing on works originally written in German.

I shall read more Yiddish works and related history.  

I will read more Holocaust related works.

Concluding Remarks

I give my great thanks to Max u for the provision of Amazon Gift Cards.

To those who leave comments, you help keep me going.

The Reading Life is a multi-cultural book blog devoted to the goals of Literary Globalism.

Ambrosia Bousweau, European Director
Mel u
Oleander Bousweau, Bousweau Foundation Bibliographer

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Buried In Print said...

Maybe this November will be the November that I finally remember to read something by a German author!

As usual, I enjoyed reading your monthly summary. Many of these books sound like I'd be quite happy to have them in my stacks (those that aren't already there)!