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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Reading Life Review - November 2020


This Month I decided to do two author collages, one on Australian writers and another for the remainder 

Column One

  1. Nancy Hale - USA - a very prolific writer.  I hope to read lots of her Short Stories in 2021
  2. Steve Wade - Ireland - author of Fields of Butterfly Flames - I have been closely following his work for seven years and look forward to reading much more.
  3. N. K. Jeminsin - USA - highly regarded and awarded science fiction writer - currently Reading her Broken Earth Trilogy 

Column Two

  1. Margaret Atwood.- Canada 
  2. Edward Westermann - USA - Historian focusing on Germany during WW Two
  3. Mia Alvar - Phillippines to USA - Author in The Country - Short Stoies about Filipinos all over the world

Column Three. 

  1. Anna Goldberg - USA to Austria - Author of  I Belong to Vienna
  2. Augustine Sedgewick - USA - author of Coffeeland: One Man's Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug
  3. Robert Walser - Austria - 

Column Four

  1. Grimm Brothers - Germany
  2. Brian Kirk - Ireland -featured many times on The Reading Life
  3. Stefan Zweig - Austria 

In November I participated in The Annual Aussie Reads Challenge

Australian Authors

Column One

  1. John Lang - Australia - first novelist born in Australia 
  2. Rudd Steele - Australia - stories of convict Life 
  3. Barbara Boynton - Ireland to Australia- author Bush Studies, known for her stories about The lives of women settlers in the early days - a great writer 

Column Two

  1. Shirley Hazzard - Australia
  2. Henry Handel Richardson - Australia - prolific Multi- Genre writer
  3. Marcus Clarke - England to Australia - stories of The early colonial days 

Column Three

  1. Mary Fortune - Ireland (Belfast) to Australia - author of over 400 stories, mostly about crimes
  2. Catherine McNamara  - Australia - author of two Short Collections i highly endorse- Pelt and Other Stories and The Cartography of Ofhers.  I Will post on her again this Month
  3. Sylvia Petter - Australia - author All the Beautiful Liers - Award winning Multi-genre writer 

Birth countries of Authors

  1. Australia - 6
  2. USA - 5
  3. Ireland - 4
  4. Austria - 2
  5. Switzerland- 1
  6. Canada - 1
  7. Germany - 1 (I am treating The Grimm brother together)

Nine works by women were featured in November, 13 men.  Ten authors are living, 12 are deceased.

Blog Stats for November

There are 3832 posts currently on The Reading Life

There has been 6,169,410 Pages views since inception 

Home Countries of Visitors

  1. USA
  2. The Phillippines 
  3. Germany - highest Position so far
  4. India 
  5. Canada 
  6. UK
  7. France 
  8. Indonesia
  9. Macao - first time on list

Posts on Short Stories were featured 18 times, Plus a novel by Margaret Atwood (as part of my participation in Margaret Atwood Reading Month) and three works of non-fiction.

December Plans and hopes

I am very much looking Forward to Reading All The Beautiful Liers  by Sylvia Petter as well as Loving Modigliani by Linda Lappin.   I have been happily Reading Lappin’s work for over ten years.  

I have two long German novels I hope to finish one of these days - Cain and Abel by Gregor Von Rezori and The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil.

You can get an idea of my near term hopes from The images on my Sidebar.

I offer my thanks to Max u for his kind provision of Amazon Gift Cards.

To those who take The trouble to leave comments, you Help to keep us going.

Mel u -curator  and founder 

With Ambrosia Bousweau - European Editor

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Buried In Print said...

What a great assortment of Australian writers: I keep meaning to read more of them! You've had a lot of rewarding reads in November; I hope December is just as satisfying for you.

Mel u said...

Buried in Print. The early Australian short stories are historically valuable. Thanks as always for your comments