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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Reading Life Review - January 2023 - Future Plans- New Project Ancient Lives

The Reading Life Review- January 2023- plans for the future 

In January I posted on three works by women and six by men. Six are still living and five were featured for the first time in January.

Home Countries of Authors 

1. USA- 4
2. Italy - 1
3. New Zealand- 1
4. U.K. - 1
5. Greece - 1
6. Japan - 1

In January I posted upon four works of non-fiction, two novels, one short story and for Ancient Dramas, three by Seneca and one by Euripides.

Blog Stats 

There are currently 4,157 posts online. My posts have been viewed 6,896,608 times 

Of the most viewed posts in January, eight of the top ten were about short stories.

Home Countries of Visitors 

1. USA 
2. Germany - first time at this level
3. Phillippines 
4. India
5. Canada
6. Sweden 
7. Russia 
8. U.K.
9. Netherlands 
10. Israel 

Future Plans

I have started a new project, Ancient Reads. I hope to read most of the Greek Tradgedies, Homer, Virgil and Ovid in highly regarded new translations. I have collections of Roman Comedies on my E Reader as well as the complete plays of Aristophenes.Beyond this I plan to read Ancient Sumerian works as well as works from India, China, Britain, Japan also in mind. Additionally I have begun to read relevant histories and biographies. Additionally I will include modern Fiction set in Ancient Times.

Books I hope to read and reread by May 1

Rereads by Thomas Pynchon first Gravity's Rainbow, then Against the Day, and Mason and Dixon.

Also on my list is Recognitions by William Gaddis, a work I read about fifty years ago.

I am considering reading for the first time Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

I also want very much to read more short stories by Sholom Aleichem 


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