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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

"We Are Bone and Earth" by Esi Edugyan - 2022- 32 Pages - A Point in Time Collection Story- An Amazon Original

 "We Are Bone and Earth" by Esi Edugyan - 2022- 32 Pages - A Point in Time Collection Story- An Amazon Original 

Having previously greatly enjoyed two of Ese Edugyan historical novels, Washington Black and Half-Blood Blues, I was delighted to discover her short story "We Are Bone and Earth" available in the Kindle Unlimited Program.

Editorial Reviews

In this moving short tale of one girl’s search for her lost brother, award-winning author Esi Edugyan offers a vivid, unique perspective on a lesser-known corner of the West African slave trade.
At a fort in Cabo Vermelho in 1779, Sisi, a West African girl with a gift for languages, works as a translator for her English enslavers. She was separated from her younger brother after they were kidnapped from their village by the ahosi, fierce female warriors who serve a neighboring king—and her guilt over her failure to protect him has never left her. When unexpected news reaches the fort, Sisi must find her voice, for her brother’s sake." From Amazon 
Sisi was originally left at the slavers port as a "pawn". When a man needed to leave the fort area on a slaving expedition he could leave a child, his pawn, as a guarantee he would return within six weeks. Sisi encounters a friend from her former village. They leave the fort to look for her brother. Their journey was exciting.

I enjoyed this story very much. In an afterword the author explains what drew her to write the work.

Esi Edugyan is the author of there novels, The Second Life of Samuel Tyne, Half-Blood Blues, and Washington Black and the nonfiction work Out of the Sun. She is the recipient of the Scotiabank Giller Prize (2011 and 2018), the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award (2012), and the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award (2013).

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