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Monday, February 5, 2024

Hi Di Ho - A 1947 Musical Starring Cab Calloway - Directed by Josh Kinney

Hi Di Ho - A 1947 Musical Starring Cab Caloway - Directed by Josh Kinney

available on YouTube 

The 1947 musical film Hi De Ho stars Cab Calloway as himself, a bandleader who is trying to form his own band. He hires Nettie (Ida James) as his manager, which causes his girlfriend, Blossom (Jeni Le Gon), to become jealous. The film features several musical numbers, including "Minnie the Moocher," "The Hi-De-Ho Man, That's Me," and "A Rainy Sunday

In the opening scene I was turned off  by the physical and mental abuse of women exhibited as if it were normal behaviour when Cab Calloway  strikes his girlfriend.

Songs in the film

"Minnie the Moocher"

"The Hi-De-Ho Man, That's Me"

"A Rainy Sunday"

"Hey, Now!"

"Bop Bop"

"At Dawn Time"
"Minnie's a Hepcat Now"

"St. James Infirmary Blues"

"Don't Falter at the Altar"

Hi De Ho was a box office success, grossing over $1 million at the box office.

I hope to soon watch another movie starring Cab Calloway, Stormy Weather 




Buried In Print said...

I don't recall seeing this one; I wonder if the scenes which troubled you were deemed too disturbing for TV (where I saw most musicals).

Mel u said...

Buried in Print. You very well might be correct, portrayal of African American men as physically and emotionally abusive to women could well be deemed not acceptable for TV