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Friday, May 3, 2024

The House of Haunting Hill by Shirley Jackson- 1959 - 208 Pages

 The House of Haunting Hill by Shirley Jackson- 1959 - 208 

The House of Haunting Hill, a gothic horror novel is considered a masterpiece of thiscgenre. It tells the story of Dr. Montague, an occult scholar, who brings a group of people to investigate Hill House, a notoriously haunted mansion. The house itself is described as being almost sentient, and it begins to prey on the vulnerabilities of each visitor.

The novel is known for its ambiguous ending and its exploration of psychological horror. It is not entirely clear whether the house is truly haunted or if the events are all happening in the mind of Eleanor Vance, one of the guests. This ambiguity is part of what makes the novel so unsettling.


Mystica said...

Sounds complicated but intriguing. Thanks for the review

Buried In Print said...

I really enjoyed this one and only later went on to watch some of the films that it inspired. Mostly, though, it's her other books that had lodged in my mind.