Short Stories, Irish literature, Classics, Modern Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, The Japanese Novel, Post Colonial Asian Fiction, The Legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and quality Historical Novels are Among my Interests

Original Short Stories

1.  "Warrior Carty" by Eddie Stack
2.  "Revolution" by Eddie Stack
3.  "Limbo" by Eddie Stack
4.  "Time Passes" by Eddie Stack
5.  "The Marsh Drains Into the Deep" by John Sexton
6.  "Girl in the River Sallies" by John Sexton
7.  "Mrs Frobisher's Significant Moment" by John Sexton
8.  "It's Just Murder" by Garry McDonnell
9.  "Nimrod" by Arthur Broomfield
10.  "A Book Store on the Strand" by Farleile Blaine
11.  "Bobogue" by Eddie Stack
12.  "Milo Hennessy's Work With Invisible Literature" by John Sexton
13.  "The Inner Text of Standford Lessington" by John Sexton
14.  "The Red Singlet" by Abha Inyager
15.  "The Lost Finger" by Jose Varghese
16.  "Silent Woman" by Jose Varghese
17.  "The Jumbie Tree" by Rosalience Bacchus
18.  "Roaring Water Bay" by Lane Ashfeld
19.  "Angels" by Eddie Stack
20.  "Out of the Blue" by Eddie Stack
21.  "Behind Closed Doors" by Eddie Stack
22.  "Waiting for a Fare" by Eddie Stack
23.  "Leave for Chile" by Viv McDade
24.  "Soul Mates" by Viv Mcdade
25.  "Jackass Blues" by Eddie Stack
26.  "After Hours" by Eddie Stack
27.  "Ellie" by Eddie Stack
28.  "Back in rDays of Corncrakes" by Eddie Stack
29.  "The Shadow Owner's Companion" by Eleanor Hooker
30.  "The Cowshed" by Robert Higgins
31.  "Waiting" by Billy O'Callaghan
32.  "Up at the Lake" by Siobhan Mannion
33.  "Dreamless" by Eleanor Hooker
40.  "It Could Not Have Happened to a Nicer Man" by Eddie Stack
41.  "Waiting" by Billy O'Callaghan
42.  "We're Not Made of Stone" by Billy O'Callaghan
41.  "Hold the Front Page" by Sarah Clancy
42.  "One Day in London" by John Duffy
43.  "Natalie and the Speedballs" by Madeleine D'Arcy
44.  "The Wind Throws it Back" by Sandra Bunting
45.  "The Pass" by Patrick Samples
46.  "When Everybody in Ballyjames Had a Helicopter" by Eddie Stack.
47.  "Sausage" by Sarah Clancy