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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

History A Novel by Elsa Morante (1974, translated by William Weaver,1977, 720 pages)

I offer my great thanks to Max u for the Amazon Gift Card that allowed me to read this book

History A Novel by Elsa Morante is a fascinating look at life in Rome during World War Two and up to 1947.  Thecentral characters are a mother and her son.  A German soldier on his way to North Africs raped her, fell in love, then left her pregnant and he was never heard from again.  Ida, a teacher does all she can to get her and her son through the terrible war years.  Rome goes through terrible times.  We witness bombing raids, see the norms of morality erode while some rise to heroic actions.

There are lots and lots of interesting minor characters, exciting plot turns.  I as some how really moved when an older lady who feeds stray cats says she notices as the war gets worse that fewer cats come for her food.

At the start of each chapter there are headlines about world events, mostly on the war in Europe . 

This novel was a huge best seller in Italy.  I am glad I read this book.

                                      1912 to 1985, Rome 

Mel u

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