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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fire in the Blood by Iréne Némirovsky. (Written 1939, first published 2006, translated by Sandra Smith)

Iréne Nemirovsky was born in Kiev in the Ukraine February 11, 1903, she died at Auschwitz August 17, 1942.  Her most  famous work is Suite Francaise.

I have read and posted on eleven novels by Iréne Nemirovsky, several short stories and an excellant biography.  I have placed her image in the side bar of my blog.  As of now I am behind seven posts, partially due to an equipment failure now remedied, so I hope I can be forgiven if I post briefly on her posthumously published novel, written it is estimated in 1939.

Fire in the Blood was found, completed, in her archives.  It is set in a rural French village just before World War Two.  It is the story of the trials and tribulations, loves and passions of the town residents.  It is in part a study of the impact of the passions generated by the fire in the blood.  All of her work is worth reading.  

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