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Saturday, June 4, 2011

R. K. Narayan-"The Axe" and "Attila" and two more stories from The Astrologer's Day and other Tales

"The Axe" (1947, 10 pages)
"Attila"  (1947, 8 pages)
"Out of Business" (1947, 6 pages)
"Old Bones"  (1947, 6 pages)

Four More Stories from
The Astrologer's Day and Other Stories by R. K. Narayan
age eight

I have now read and posted on 24 of the 30 stories in R. K. Narayan's  (1906 to 2001-India) collection of short stories,  The Astrologer's Day and Other Stories.    Almost all of the stories in this collection were first published in the newspaper The Hindu.    Most all of the first readers of the stories read English as a second (or 3rd or 4th) language.   (There is some background information on Narayan in my prior posts.)     Jhumpa Lahiri has said that Narayan is one of the 20th century geniuses of the short story.   I will just post briefly on two of his stories today

"The Axe" is very interesting captivating story.   It has exposition, drama, and development and a moving ending.   It is fully in accord with Frank O'Connor's thesis that the best short stories deal with people from "submarginal groups".    The central character worked all his life as a gardener for  a large mansion.   

"Attila" is a flat out fun shaggy dog story.    The plot is so much fun I will leave it unspoiled.

There are six more stories in this collection.   I will probably post on the best one or two of these stories.

I will also post fairly soon on two of  Narayan's novels.   

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