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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Missing Person by Patrick Modiano - 1978 - 2005 - translated from French by Daniel Weissbort

Missing Person by Patrick Modiano - 1978 - 2005 - translated from French by Daniel Weissbort

His sixth published work, it was awarded the Prix Goncourt Prize

Paris in July 2020 - Thyme for Tea

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2. “Winter Rain” - a Short story by Alice Adams about an American woman living in Paris after World War Two
3. Marc Chagall by Jonathan Wilson
4. Missing Person by Patrick Modiano

My Prior Posts on Patrick Modiano

Born July 25, 1945

2014 - Awarded Nobel Prize (prior to then he had won all of France’s most prestigious literary awards).

He has written thirty novels, a memoir and as well as several film scripts.

Missing Person is the sixth novel I have read by Patrick Modiano.
During July in Paris 2017 I posted on The Black Note Book, After the Circus, and The Occupation Trilogy.

Occupation Trilogy is a work of a much higher order than the other three novels, it is a sublimely brilliant almost surreal recreation of what it was like to be a French Jew during the occupation of Paris by the Nazis.  It is why he won the Nobel Prize.  My bottom line is any one interested in this period will be glad they read the trilogy. The other three works are interesting well done works but one would have to say first read the trilogy.

Missing Person is kind of a detective story. In this story a man has lost all memory of his past prior to 1955.

Ten  years ago, Guy Roland lost all memories of his life prior to 1955.  He worked  as a private detective in Paris
until the owner of the agency retired.  He decides to use his detective skills to try to uncover his past. He finds some clues to his past but the trail seems to stop during World War Two. Then he goes deeper.

 It does appear he is a Greek Jew, Jimmy Stern from Solonica.  He lived in Paris under the assumed name Pedro McEvoy.  He worked for the legate of the Dominican Republic.  He was involved with a network of non- French nationals seeking to leave France.

As he seems to recover his memory, he goes to French Polynesia to look for an old girl friend.

The novel goes into lots of detail about the city of Paris.


Suko said...

Missing Person sounds so interesting!

Tamara said...

Mel U, always good to read your reviews. You find good books on the theme of Paris. To win both the Prix Goncourt and the nobel prize is a pretty celebrated author. Good find.

Lisbeth said...

Sounds like an interesting novel. I have only read The Black Notebook and loved it. I think he is one of the more 'readable' of the Nobel Prize Winners. Will put this on my reading list.
Good to see you in Paris in July. Such a great event.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I've only read In the Cafe of Lost Youth. Now I think I need to look for more Patrick Modiano.