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Friday, December 1, 2017

The Reading Life Review - November, 2017 - Future Plans and Hopes,

November Authors

Among the 25 authors Featured on The Reading Life in November 10 are living, 15 are dead.  There are 12 women and 13 men.  Here are the nationalities of the writers

  1. Germany 10
  2. USA 4
  3. Polish 1
  4. India 1
  5. Japan 1
  6. Luxembourg 1
  7. Azerbaijan 1
  8. Nigeria 1
  9. Ukraine 1
  10. Czechoslovakia 2
  11. Austria 2  

Row 1,from the left

  1. Karen Russell- author Swamplandia, two short story Collections
  2. Johannes Urzidil- The Last Bell, wonderful stories of Prague 
  3. Deborah Eisenberg.  Prominent short story writer, essayist
  4. Isabelle Lehn - 
  5. Martin Suter 
  6. Alfred Sebald, The Rings of Saturn, Vertigo, The Emigrants, Austerlitz
  7. Alfred Döblin- Author Alexanderplatz, premier Weimar era novel

Row 2,from left

  1. Marjana Gaponenko 
  2. Arthur Schnitzler 
  3. Stefan Zweig 
  4. Irmgard Keun, Silk Girl, Gigli, After Midnight
  5. Isiah Spiegel, author of short stories set in Łódź Ghetto 
  6. Franz Kafka

Row 3,from left

  1. Mavis Gallant
  2. Lorrie Moore
  3. Alexander Holenia 
  4. Olga Grujasna
  5. Katherine Mansfield 
  6. Jenny Zhang, author Sour Heart

Row 4,from left

  1. Junichiro Tanazaki
  2. Joseph Roth
  3. R. K. Narayan
  4. Heinrich Von Kleist 
  5. Inga Wagener
  6. Chimamanda Adichie 

Ernest Hoffman, author of Blood Brothers, a very good Weimar novel, disappeared after being summoned by the Gestapo.  I could find no images of him.  

Blog stats 

4,955,769 Page Views Since July 7, 2009

Countries from Which Visits Came in November

  1. Philippines 
  2. U.S.A
  3. India
  4. UK
  5. Canada

The five most visited posts were all on short stories, three by Filipino authors, two by Indian.

German Literature Month 

November was German Literture Month, my sixth year of participation 

Here is what I read for the event


  1. “You’d Have Larvae Too” by Nora Wagener, 2016
  2. Vertigo by W. G. Sebald, 1990
  3. The Last Weynfeldt by Martin Suter, 2006
  4. “An Earthquake in Chile” by Heinrich Von Kleist, 1809
  5. Who is Martha? by Marjana Gaponenko, 2012
  6. “The Legal Haziness of Marriage” by Olga Grjasnowa, 2015
  7. “Aladdin, COB” by Isabelle Lehn, 2015
  8. “The Last Bell” by Johannes Urzidil, 1968
  9. The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald, 1995
  10. Late Fame by Arthur Schnitzler, written 1892, published 2016
  11. Blood Brothers by Ernst Haffner, 1933
  12. Berlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin, 1929
  13. Confessions of a Murderer by Joseph Roth, 1936
  14.   “Compulsion” by Stefan Zweig,  1929
  15. “Borderlands”by Johannes Urzidil, 1956 (no post)
  16. “A School Boy’s Diary” by Robert Walser, 1910 (no post
  17. Austerlitz by W. G. Sebald, 2001, Second Reading 
  18. “The Duchess of Albanera” by Johannes Urzidil, 1965
  19. Gigli by Irmgard Keun, 1931
  20. Gay Berlin -Birth of a Modern Identity by Robert Beachy, 2014 *
  21. “Ernst in Civilian Clothes” by Mavis Gallant, 1963 *
  22. “Germans at Meat” by Katherine Mansfield, 1908 *
  23. Casanova’s Homecoming by Arthur Schnitzler, 1918
  24. “Investigations of a Dog” by Franz Kafka, 1922

Items with an * are my supplements to German Literature Month

All in all a very good Month.  Hope to be back for November, 2018

Works I read but did not post upon

Three short stories by Karen Russell from Vampires in The Lemon Grove

“Bohemian” by George Saunders - I plan to read more of his work in December

Some Future Plans on Short Stories 

I have decided to try something new in my posting upon short stories.

Every Month I Will Focus on short stories from Two countries, with The goal of one story from each country per week.  In December I Will feature Yiddish Short Stories and 21 First Century works by Americans.  In January I’m thinking Bolivian and Iranian Stories.  

As my blog approaches five million page views I have recruited additions to the staff 

Mel u - Founder and Director 

Ambrosia Bousweau -European Director

Avant Bousweau - Consultant Upon The Legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Tarkington Bousweau - from the Bousweau Foundation

Alekhhya Bousweau- IT director

Euphemia Bousweau Rodengranz -advisory director of The Reading Life -

Elizabeth Bousweau Yusupov - Czarist Era Russian Literature

Merlinda Bousweau- advisor upon 19 Century Paraguay and Bolivian  Literature

Theodore Bousweau - Senior Director, at large

Ruffington Bousweau IV - Intern

Flabingtina Bousweau Arlenas - Art Director

As time permits, I will introduce everyone to our readers.  

I anticipate more additions to expand our Asian and South American coverage.  

I’m very grateful to all who take the time to leave comments, you help keep me going. 

Mel u
Ambrosia Bousweau 


Deepika Ramesh said...

Thank you for all the book-love you share with us. I look forward to reading more posts. :)

Buried In Print said...

What an impressive amount of reading! I'm intrigued by your new short story project and look forward to the country focusses in the future.