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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Grace" by James Joyce (1914, from Dubliners)

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There will never be an Irish Short Story Month that does not include James Joyce.  His Dubliners is the most influential collection of English language short stories and many would extend this to cover all of world literature.  

"Grace" opens when the patrons of a pub find a first unknown  lying  out on the floor, bleeding from the mouth with his tongue injured.  The patrons wonder who he is until a friend of him comes in and take charge of getting the man home.  Once at his place, his seen this too many times before wife tells him off and cleans him up.  Of course she is a truffle embarrassed and thanks the friend.  Soon his friends arrange what is today called an intervention for him to help him break out of this cycle of alcohol    abuse.  Of course this being 1914, the story was first drafter in 1905, and Dublin, the solution is seen as a matter of faith.  There are some really enjoyable to read debates about theology.

All of Joyce's work is now in the public domain and can be downloaded for free.  

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