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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 - A Look at the month on The Reading Life

March was dominated by the forth year of Irish Short Story Month.  (I will continue with that in April). Several authors contributed excellent Q and A sessions and short stories. I am very grateful to them.   More are coming.

Books I posted on

1.  Guermantes Way by Marcel Proust
2.  They Were Found Wanting by Milkos Banfky.
3.  The Temporary Gentleman by Sebastian Barry
4.  Censors at Work:  How States Shape Literature by Robert Darnton
5.  Penelope Fitzgerald - A Life by Hermione Lee
6.  Out of the Ruins by Sue Guiney.

Books I read but did not post on
1.  Emma by Jane Austin.
Plus two books on improving your writing style in fiction
2.  The First Draft by John Casey
3. A Life in Sentences by Jenny Davidson 

I also continued reading  more short stories.

My blog has 3288 Twitter Followers.  In March I had 102,572 hits, since inception, 2,567,815. There are 2127 published posts.  

Top Countries are

Most viewed posts  continues to be those on older short stories from the Philipines, followed by posts on Katherine Mansfield and R. K. Narayan.

I offer my humble thanks to all commentators and contributors. I thank the authors and publishers for the free books.  

Mel u. 


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